Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring is here!

The weather has finally warmed up enough for us to break out the dresses. I could not wait to see Esther in her springtime dress. Here are some pictures from Easter at my parent's house. Mom stuffed the eggs with dried blueberries and animal crackers rather than candy, keeping to our wishes and E's dairy-free diet (thanks Mom). E had a great time hunting for eggs and playing with her cousin, Spencer (8 months).
We are loving playing outside more and seeing all the flowers blooming. I brought some of our plants out and Esther has enjoyed watering them. I think they would drown if watering was left up to her - she loves it!
Just over a month and counting for Graduation. I can't wait!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Not much to say...

Typical Esther
Not too much new, but I didn't want a full month to pass without posting. Esther is accumulating more and more words, which is really fun. Life is so much easier when she can tell us what she wants. "Mama" and "papa" really are the sweetest sounds ever.
Esther had a big weekend with her Grandma and Papi (Ben's parents), while we spent a weekend in a cabin for our 5-year anniversary. It doubled as a conference weekend for me, but was wonderful go get away and spend some time with Benjamin. It is crunch time with school, but the end is so close. I cannot wait to be done. These pictures aren't new, but are cute none the less.