Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dancing, cleaning, and crafting

E and I spent the weekend at my parents', while Ben prepares for his 3 upcoming exams this week (please send some good wishes). I am so thankful that my Mom saved my old dance costumes and shoes. I'm happy that Esther will have these as she grows up for play...or (hopefully) when she starts dancing herself!
As mentioned in a previous post, E is enjoying cleaning with me lately. I gave her a towel and asked her to dust all the shelves. After hearing some tumbling, I came to her room to find....well, at least she was thorough!
And, last...some crafting. I made this earring display/holder this week. A thrifted frame, fabric covered cardboard, and sewn on o-rings = functional and artsy display. Love it!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby Teagan Laya!

Today we got to meet a sweet, new addition to this world - Teagan Laya. Marley, the new big sis, is 5 days older than Esther. Tisa (Mama) and I were pregnant together with the girls and shared in a lot during these first years. She's ahead of me now, but our second will come in time.
Esther had so much joy loving on Teagan and playing with Marley. As I've mentioned before, she LOVES babies. She often walks around with dolls under her shirts (even sleeping with them 'in her belly'). She always talks about how sweet babies are. E has also told us that she will have a baby sister, named Esther, and a brother, named Frosty. Not kidding here - hilarious!
So here are some pics of the precious Teagan Laya and our first meeting with her.
Introducing Teagan Laya
E couldn't wait to hold her
Helping give Teagan a bathMaking sure she was covered and warm
The Girls!
I love my sweet girl and her baby-love!

DMS - school photos

Esther is enjoying school much more, to the point that we play school almost everyday at home. Here are a couple of pictures her teacher sent last week. Montesorri focuses on 'life-skills', so you will often see the children cleaning, reading, caring for a babydoll, or other real life activities. Her new loves are washing dishes and folding towels. I'm telling you, I love it! She's also doing really well with phonics and reminding us what letter EVERY word starts with.

Flower arranging
Doing dishes at home

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Changes....and play at the Land Trust

Sorry for the delay in posting, it has been a rough couple of weeks adjusting to all the changes. Esther and Benjamin both started school and the schedules are quite different. Though Esther had a rough first week, she is now liking Decatur Montessori and has made some sweet friends. Ben also is liking school, though it is already proving itself to be an intense program - as we knew it would be. We also got good news that I have been offered another part-time position. Starting Tuesday, I will be working with the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center. I will be leading school groups and doing programs. This is coming along right in time, as things always do! Esther is getting settled into school, Ben is busy with his program, and God knows we need the extra income. We are thankful!
As part of our new routine, E and I have been doing yoga in the mornings. Ben and I were at a loss for how to handle her rough transition (she's always loved school), so we thought this time together in the mornings would help. I bought her a children's yoga video and she seems to enjoy it. The instructors are a bit annoying to me, but they capture E's attention, so I endure it :)
Meditating - so sweet
Esther gets out of school at 3:00, so we have been doing little outings before Papa gets home. We met some friends at the local Land Trust this week and had lots of fun and exploration. They have a nice sandpit/play area, lots of community gardens, chickens, an emu, goats, and more.

And, a few things from me...
1. My new haircut - 10inches+ donated 2. A cute bobby pin I made to go with the new do