Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving - Gobble, Gobble!

We headed back up to North Carolina for Thanksgiving. All of my Mom's family, minus one brother, lives up there. It was a nice little gathering for us. Ben decided to come with us last minute, which was quite the treat. He will be suffering with all-nighters for the next 2 weeks through finals, but we were all happy he spent time with the family on the holiday.
So here are some picture recaps of the trip, including a little photo shoot of our cute Esther in preparation for Christmas cards.
Watching sticks float down the week creek
(and watching for trolls under the bridge)
Love this guy!
His love, Granny JaneEsther checking out Uncle Mark's machine
Papaw and cousin Leland - coffee after the delicious meal!
Cousin Alvin - I like the beard'Fishing' with Uncle Max
Cousin, Sarajane and (newly acquired) husband, Kyle
Esther falls deeply in love with those who will read unending to her
Lots of love and joy...and the peace that the mountains always bring to me. Hope your holiday was full of blessings and thankfulness!

Friday, November 27, 2009

I love playdates!

Esther's school was out the full Thanksgiving week. Ben and his fellow students however, had school Monday and Tuesday. One of Ben's classmate's daughter goes to school w/ E and is a sweet friend of hers. Because the parents had work, I kept Lily and the girls had two fun-filled days together. The first day was full of imaginary play, lots of dress-up, and rest...
The second day, we went to the park. The girls had so much fun playing on the playground and running through the leaves.
Peaking at hide and seek
Lily's mom was so appreciative, however I was thankful too. Those were the easiest two days I've had with Esther at home in a while. The girls played so well together. Hoping your days are full of play and happiness...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mountain Getaway

Ben and I took a (much needed) mountain getaway this weekend. We got a cute little cabin in Black Mountain, NC. It was beautiful weather up until the drive home on Sunday, which was fine. The view from our lovely back porch was amazing (above). Esther had a wonderful time at Mimi and Pops' house (many, many thanks) and will enjoy having two happy, totally in love parents (not that we aren't normally).
Not too many photos taken, but here are a few.

Another view from our back porch
Enjoying coffee on said back porch...can you tell we liked the porch?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Family Weekend

Since Ben started school, we don't get too much time together (Have I mentioned this before? Oh, I have? Sorry for the monotony). Well, this coming week is the first week of the semester that Ben has not had a (or 3) tests. Sooo, we were able to not only have a our once a week family day, but a whole family weekend (well, mostly). Ben did not even crack a book until a few hours ago tonight. It was awesome!
Not much excitement on Friday, but nice time spent together as a family. Saturday was interrupted a bit by me having to work a few hours, but otherwise was a great day! The grands (thanks) kept Esther for the night and we adults had a date night. I made a fabulous dinner, if I do say so myself. On the menu: Garlic and Peppercorn marinated pork tenderloin (yes, I made meat), Smoked gouda mashed potatoes, rosemary roasted rainbow carrots, spinach artichoke dip w/ sourdough, and a bottle of vino. It was delicious and Ben was quite appreciative. We took a long walk around the neighborhood and ended the night with a movie. Felt like our early years - and was quite lovely. (sorry, no dinner pics. Ben always makes fun of me when I take pictures of food)
Today, I was able to spend some time with an old friend, Hope, and her '58 Desoto. Rockin' car and great gal!

The family weekend concluded with a early evening fire in the backyard. Esther loves the fire and we feel it is good to teach her about safety around it early on. She was great at gathering little sticks around the yard and adding leaves here and there.
Good job on the fire, Papa!
And a post would not be complete w/out another picture of Ben passed out asleep on the floor, before dinner, and E trying to wake him up :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Matching Batman t-shirts = ridiculously cute Papa and lil lady

Not really good at going completely wordless...sorry!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

More of Patrick James

Esther and I went for a visit last night for Patrick's first night home. Esther and Spencer played so well together and allowed Kris, Sara, and Patrick to settle in a bit. Patrick got lots of kisses and cuddles from Esther. She loves babies so much, it is ridiculous. I kept having to remind her not to squeeze him too tight.
Of course, I had to get my baby-fix in
Proud Mama, Sara, with her two boys
For Mimi - her grandbabies!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Well, of my friends does 'Wordless Wednesday' and I think it is great. I will try to keep up with it each week :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Introducing Patrick James Allegood!

Patrick James Allegood (our new nephew) was welcomed to this world on Halloween. He had a bit of trouble with fluid on his lungs and eating at first, but is doing great now. He will be home with his Mama, Dadda, and brother, Spencer, by the end of the week.
Esther loves her some babies and wanted so bad to get into the NICU to 'hold' him. She enjoyed her time with Spencer and the grands and looks forward to some Patrick-time in the near future.
Spencer is sure to be a great big brother and will happy to have the whole family back home.
Yay for cousins!!!

Halloween '09

Halloween was somewhat a bust on my desire for creative planning, but we all had a blast anyway. I came up with a few homemade ideas for Esther, but she wanted nothing to do with any of them. A princess...she wanted to be was a princess! And not a fancy handmade princess, a cheap store bought costume. I seceded and was very happy to find a thrifted gown that she was just thrilled with.
Last minute, I found the idea of Octomom and went with it. I gathered all of Esther's babies, my old sling, and called a friend for a black wig. We had no big plans, so the costume sufficed. Ben was my OB, who obviously made a lot of money from those 8 babies :)
After trick or treating with friends, we went back to their house for an after-party. The kids were able to play out their sugar-highs and the adults were able to relax and enjoy some festivities. It ended up being a late night of kids cuddled on the couch watching movies. I just missed the photo opp of E and Andrew playing footsie - so cute!
Hope your Halloween was full of happy treats!