Monday, August 24, 2009

Esther's new school!

After visiting many schools in Decatur/Atlanta and listening to E beg to go to school for over a month, we decided on Decatur Montessori. It is very similar to Morningstar, her Athens school, but is larger and goes up to 6 years old. Esther is in the 3-6 classroom and has already met a few friends. Today was her first day, but she had already met a little girl in her class through all the Emory shin-digs last week. One of Ben's classmate's daughter, Lily, and Esther hit it off immediately. I'm so glad she has found a new place to grow and learn. They have multiple gardens, classroom pets (fish, lizards, turtles), and lots of outdoor areas to explore - even in the middle of the city. I did not get a picture of her first day at the new school, but will try to get some at the school potluck this Friday. Here is the link to the school for those interested. Decatur Montessori School. And follow this link for a little video they school has put together to introduce DMS.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Around the house

Painting in the backyard....paper had lost its luster, so we moved on to the rock slab
Zouga admiring Esther's work
Little bit of sewing that didn't turn out so great
The new painting that I absolutely LOVE for Esther's room. Got it for $2 at the Bot. Garden flea market. Love it!!!
E's ORANGE nails. While I was in Athens working M-T, Ben and E had some little adventures. One included going to the beauty supply store to buy some kid-friendly finger nail, of course!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Decatur Bluegrass, Blues, and BBQ festival

For our last weekend before Ben starts school, we filled our time with fun and relaxation. Saturday, we went to the Decatur Bluegrass festival. It was a great time of music and sunshine. We had a couple hours of dancing before the rain rolled in. We made it home just before the downpour. Happy for the rain and lovely time with the family!

First things first - had to ride the train
...then get arm painted. An ORANGE butterfly, of course.
Lots of dancing with the favorite partners.
A little bit of me...
...and a little bit of him.
and some sweet dancy, cuddle, Eskimo kisses!
Love the look she's giving me, like "Mama, what in the world are you doing?" That's PBJ rice cake all over her face, by the way.

We finished off the weekend with a relaxing Sunday. None of us got out of our jammies today and don't feel one bit of guilt! Pancakes for breakfast, white chicken chili for dinner - delicious! Lots of playing, a little bit of dancing, just enough reading, and the perfect amount of hugs (though you can never have enough)!
I'm off to Athens to work the first half of the week, then Ben starts school on Thursday. Excited, and a bit nervous, about this new chapter of our lives. I'm so proud of Ben already, knowing he will do great as a student and future PA. We will appreciate prayers and words of encouragement as we make our way through this phase. Much love!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sarajane and Kyle's wedding

My beautiful, sweet cousin got married this weekend in NC. Though I'm not that much older than her, I still see her as a little girl, running around after her brothers or quietly watching us older cousins play. Well, she has definitely grown into her own and has now gotten herself a wonderful husband! They got married on the property of Kyle's family, on a hill surrounded by trees and mountains and sunlight streaming through the clouds. Though it was HOT, the locations was just perfect for their union.

Ben, E and Pops riding on the hayride up to the ceremony
Mom and Dad
Sarajane riding in to the ceremony - gorgeous!
Aunt Donna and cousin Alvin
Mr. and Mrs. Case...
The Reception
Uncle Mark, cousin Rachel, and Mom
Cousin Leland and girlfriend, Ashley
Ben and E dancing, as usual
Also, as usual, I was behind the camera, so no pics of me. If someone else got some, I'll add them in (b/c I thought I looked pretty awesome :)