Sunday, October 25, 2009

AquariUUUUM!!! (to be sung loudly like the song 'Aquarius')

We had a fun-filled day at the GA Aquarium, joined by Mimi (my Mom). I think this was the perfect age for Esther's first visit. She was so excited by everything - it was great!
So, here we go on a photo journey. Beware...lots of pictures.

Sweetest thing in the world!
Beautiful urchins and starfish
Watching the seahorses
Great picture - Courtesy of Ben
Watching the otter 'cuddle'
Oh No, a shark!
E wasn't too sure about the fish character
My two favorite ladies!!!
Touch-tank still a bit deep for E's short arms
Alligators! Oh, my!
And ended in a whale's mouth...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Visit from other Fleming clan

Ben's brother and family came up for a visit this weekend. We all had a wonderful time together, cuddling with nieces and nephews, watching cousins play, and family bonding. Ben and Brad are so close, I always love watching how they crack each other up (as above).

Aunt Heather and Baby Payton
Payton getting a ride on Poppi's back
Beautiful Payton - those eyes!
Courtney reading to the girls
Esther and Colt played so well together
E giving Uncle BooBoo his Birthday card she made him
Thankful for loving family!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Candler Park Fall Festival

After a busy weekend of me working and Ben studying, we spent a family day at the Candler Park Fall Festival. There was music, crafts, hula hooping, and good friends to enjoy. Esther and I are having a disagreement with our sinuses, but both enjoyed the beautiful day and relaxation of being at the park.
Love the kid's craft tent
Check out her awesome paper doll-making skills (we helped a bit)
Dancing with Papa
Hooping with Mama
Being just plain cute!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Enjoying Autumn

We welcomed Autumn last week with a not-so-little potluck/house-warming. The rain put a damper on enjoying our friends in the backyard, but we were nice and cozy inside. We felt very loved with so many people coming to join us and bless our home. Esther loved having so many friends over (thanks to Mimi and Pops for picking her up so a meltdown did not incur at bedtime). I didn't get many pictures as I was busy playing host, but the one above is one of Ben and I once the crowd died down (note the cute dress and boots I found at the thrift store - very proud of this find).
We've been enjoying the cooler weather and spending lots of time in the backyard...
...reading on blankets and calling to Zouga
...pretending chalk bits, rocks, and leaves were vegetables recently purchased at the market. The writing denotes: 1 Asparagus, 15 Carrots, 15 Potatoes, 1 Broccoli, etc.
...a little Mama- hooping
...and Esther-hooping
...building villages out of blocks, computer packing, and other random bits.
...and pulling out the fall wardrobe. Ben made a big to-do about Esther's cool-weather clothing 'Fashion Show', hence the picture.

New Job!

I've been meaning to share that I finally found another job. Though it wasn't a full-time with benefits that I hoped for, I am happy to have two part-times and flexibility that comes along with that. Along with working for the Botanical Gardens (from home), I'm also now working for the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center. I am mainly leading school groups through various science exploratory field trips and naturalist hikes. I will also be doing some program planning and possible grant writing in the future. The Center has environmental architecture and is maintained with low-impact energy sources (LEED Gold Certified). Here is the website to check out more about it. Under 'Discover Us' there is a nice video of the center and what we do. I am liking it so far and looking forward to seeing how my position may grow in the future.