Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We got word that there was 10+ inches of snow in NC, so snuck away for a chilly adventure this past weekend. We stayed with a friend of ours who still had power and made a visit to my grandparents on the way out. Esther had so much fun in the snow. She remembered our crazy snowstorm in Athens last March, but has been begging to see snow again. We thought...why not?
Sledding-Round 1
"Let's do that again!"
Mama got a run on the sled, too
Snowball fight with Papa - he got her good!
She got him back good!

We are enjoying this time we have with Papa on break - getting spoiled a little bit. Soaking up every bit of this family time we can before he starts back in January. Hope you are warm and enjoying your loves as we enter into the holiday season!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Arrghhhh! Esther is 3!

And, YES, she asked for a pirate party. Not too sure where the idea came from, but we took it and ran with it. We had so much fun preparing and partying it up, pirate-style. The party was complete with eye patches, pirate coloring sheets, a treasure hunt for loot, and cupcakes. Esther is still talking about it and doing everything as a pirate. She got a beta fish from her Aunt Sara (she calls her "My Sara") and named him 'Pirate Froggy Fleming'. I think pirates are here to stay!
Decorating - snacks included goldfish, cannonballs (grapes), and pirate ship cupcakes.
Ben making the treasure maps (E telling Grandma all about it)
Please, can I eat my cake already!
Delicious 'Death By Chocolate Vegan' cupcakes - Oh My!
One Fabulous Pirate!
Ready for the Treasure Hunt
Nothing in the pirate cave...
getting closer...
TREASURE!!! Thanks to my Mom for supplying the 'jewels' and 'gold' coins in pouches.
Kid-present pileup!
Thank you, everybody!!!
I know she's only 3 years old, but I don't think this is a birthday she will soon forget. We are so blessed to have Esther in our lives and all the joy that she brings us. Though we battle with the ever-growing sassiness, we are proud that she is developing into an independent, strong individual. Love that girl!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Quote of the day

"Papa, my tongue is cold. I think I need some hot chocolate with cream. And a BIG special treat!"

Of course, off they went on a Papa-Esther date to get a warm treat. Sweet gal!

And since I've been slacking on my Wordless Wednesday posts. Here's E helping me put in the raised bed for next spring. And, yes, she is wearing a fairy skirt and rainboots. Stinkin' cute!
And I have to brag on my love. Ben just completed his first semester of PA school! Really proud of all his hard work, sleepless nights, pounds of coffee, and study breaks to spend time with his family. Love that guy!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree....

We got our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, as has been tradition since Esther was born. It was kind of sad not to go back to our regular family from NC that we went to in Athens, but we got our tree and it's pretty cute. Not quite Charley Brown, but not the biggest guy you've seen. Perfect for our little living room corner! Esther loved being able to help decorate more this year. She especially loved the music and books that we pulled out for the holidays. She's also been carrying around this musical snow globe like it was her baby (I'm talking everywhere - even to the bathroom).

Holding the door for Papa to bring the tree in
She wanted to hug the tree - makes her Mama proud
Lights going on. E patiently awaiting putting on the 1st ornament.
Little Stinker
So excited about her Christmas books!
Just plain cute!
"Is it Christmas yet? Where's Santa?"

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving - Gobble, Gobble!

We headed back up to North Carolina for Thanksgiving. All of my Mom's family, minus one brother, lives up there. It was a nice little gathering for us. Ben decided to come with us last minute, which was quite the treat. He will be suffering with all-nighters for the next 2 weeks through finals, but we were all happy he spent time with the family on the holiday.
So here are some picture recaps of the trip, including a little photo shoot of our cute Esther in preparation for Christmas cards.
Watching sticks float down the week creek
(and watching for trolls under the bridge)
Love this guy!
His love, Granny JaneEsther checking out Uncle Mark's machine
Papaw and cousin Leland - coffee after the delicious meal!
Cousin Alvin - I like the beard'Fishing' with Uncle Max
Cousin, Sarajane and (newly acquired) husband, Kyle
Esther falls deeply in love with those who will read unending to her
Lots of love and joy...and the peace that the mountains always bring to me. Hope your holiday was full of blessings and thankfulness!

Friday, November 27, 2009

I love playdates!

Esther's school was out the full Thanksgiving week. Ben and his fellow students however, had school Monday and Tuesday. One of Ben's classmate's daughter goes to school w/ E and is a sweet friend of hers. Because the parents had work, I kept Lily and the girls had two fun-filled days together. The first day was full of imaginary play, lots of dress-up, and rest...
The second day, we went to the park. The girls had so much fun playing on the playground and running through the leaves.
Peaking at hide and seek
Lily's mom was so appreciative, however I was thankful too. Those were the easiest two days I've had with Esther at home in a while. The girls played so well together. Hoping your days are full of play and happiness...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mountain Getaway

Ben and I took a (much needed) mountain getaway this weekend. We got a cute little cabin in Black Mountain, NC. It was beautiful weather up until the drive home on Sunday, which was fine. The view from our lovely back porch was amazing (above). Esther had a wonderful time at Mimi and Pops' house (many, many thanks) and will enjoy having two happy, totally in love parents (not that we aren't normally).
Not too many photos taken, but here are a few.

Another view from our back porch
Enjoying coffee on said back porch...can you tell we liked the porch?