Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baby Payton

Baby Payton, our new niece, was welcomed to this world on May 1st. She was a few weeks early, but healthy and able to go home with her Mama Courtney. We went down to Valdosta last weekend to visit with Ben's brother and his growing family. Esther has been baby-obsessed lately (not sure why), so it was nice for her to see a wee one. She was very sweet with Payton and brother Colt, who will turn one next week.
Uncle BenColt like Ben's beard
E loved Colt's John Deere
Splashing in the puddles with Uncle Boo Boo
Tuckered out
So, so Sweet!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Backyard Harvest - farm visit

We had another lovely day today, visiting our friend's farm-Backyard Harvest. We brought along our friends, Andy and Amara (unfortunately, the spouses had to work). The girls had fun tromping around the farm, picking strawberries and carrots, and admiring Buddy and Rose - llama and alpaca. Us adults enjoyed the fellowship of friends, the warm sun and cool breeze, and the yummy lettuce we were sent home with (thanks, Becky and Boo!).
We also got a special treat of going out in the little pond on the farm. This is one of the only times I can remember E being out on a boat (except when we went out once on my brother's big boat). I was a bit nervous, but she did great! She swore she saw a turtle swimming, but no one else saw it.
And lastly, a sweet pic from Mother's Day. After a busy few weeks (months), I decided I didn't want to do anything on my day. We planted our tomatoes, made strawberry shortcake, and just relaxed all day. Can't ask for much more than that.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Strawberry Pickin'

We had a lovely weekend of going to the first Farmer's Market of the season and picking strawberries. You may remember pictures from last year's strawberry harvest. The dress still fits, but is more of a shirt now. Esther still loves it! We made strawberry shortcake (from scratch) yesterday and it was quite yummy.
Hope your spring is sweet and bountiful!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

E's 1st Camping trip = Totally Awesome!

We did our first camping trip with Esther this past weekend. We had camped in the backyard during the week to get her prepared for sleeping in a tent all night. She did great, so the camping trip was on. We went with some good friends who have a 4yo daughter that Esther loves. Sandy Creek Park is a small park in Athens with a nice semi-primitive campground. You have to wheel barrel your gear in, but there is still a bathroom if you need such fancies.
We got a beautiful site right next to the lake. The girls were able to run around and play with all the nature-lovin' splendor a child can imagine.
The Group Shot
Love Esther's look here
My handsome hubby!
Swimming in the lake before the storm came - it was cold!
Beautiful sunset shot - courtesy of Andy
Esther's first experience with marshmallows. She wasn't too keen on the sticky finger part
'Smart Mom Award' went to me for the idea of bringing a play tent. The girls were able to play in the tent throughout the day and it provided refuge from the rain for us adults after the kiddos went to bed.
Helping Papa gather firewood
We ended the trip off with a hula hooping party. Esther isn't quite coordinated enough to do it yet, but she's getting the idea. Amara and Jen were pros!
One final family shot before hiking out
Thankful for the rain this week - may your gardens and lives be full of beauty!