Sunday, April 18, 2010

Asheville Family Visit

A week (or so) ago, Mom, E and I headed up to Asheville for my aunt's and grandmother's birthdays. It is exactly what this lady needed. A trip to those mountains that feel like home, even though I've never lived there. Nice visits with family and friends -much love shared by all!

Hike that was shortened by a totally irrational fear of bears and falling off the mountain - not sure where she got that from.
A snack break always helps :)
Cousin Leland and his gal, Ashley
My favorite Aunt Donna!
Mimi and her favorite granddaughter (her only)
Cousin Sarajane and hubby, Kyle
Papaw teaching E how to play Wii

Thanks to our lovely family for putting us up and feeding us so well. We love you. So Much!!!

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