Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bluebirds and Bluegrass!

Now isn't that a beautiful girl? Yes, indeed!
My Mom, E, and I headed south for a little bluegrass festival at Dauset Trails park - Bluebirds and Bluegrass. Two of my favorite Athens bands were playing there, plus an Easter egg hunt for E, lots of live animals, and could we not go. Of course, Ben had school work and we missed him greatly. We are at the one month countdown until the end of the semester - Can.Not.Wait!!!
Waiting for egg-hunting "GO"
Glittery flower arm painting
E dancing to Packway Handle Band
Mom and E checking out some farm animals
Dancing with my gal

She tuckered out not 10 minutes into the trip home. She danced and played hard.
Hope your Easter weekend was filled with lots of joy, happiness, and smiles!


gabriane vargas said...

Sua filha é mesmo muito linda. (beautiful)

hxr said...
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